Sweet Lime Puree

Sweet lime or Mosambi is a citrus fruit, which has many point of origin, straight from Indonesia to china in fact contain less acid than ordinary lime, and thus it is praised for its mild and palatable flavour. It is slightly difficult to eat sweet lime as is due to its overabundant seeds are thick rind. It is a good source of vitamin C copper and iron.

Product – Aseptic Sweet lime Pulp/Puree
Origin- Indian

Parameter Group Range Value
Color Creamy white
Texture Homogeneous and Smooth
Flavor & Taste Typical Characteristics of natural matured Sweet Lime
Specks (Black) Nil per 10 gms
Specks (Brown) <10 per 10 gms
Refractrometer Brix @ 20°C Min 9 °B
pH < 3.0
Acidity (% as Anhydrous citric acid) 0.20- 0.40
Consistency (Bostwick cm/30 sec @ 20°C) 12-16 cm
TPC cfu/gm <10000
Yeast&Mould cfu/gm <1000
Coliform cfu/gm <100
E-Coli cfu/gm Absent
Salmonella cfu/gm Negative in 25 g
Staphylococcus aureus Negative in 25 g
Product is commercially sterile, product is free from bacillus, osmophilic yeast, coliform and any other pathogenic microorganism and fit for human consumption.
PACKAGING Aseptic Packaging in Drums:-Aseptically packed into bags using poly liner inside open head drums 215 kg net/drum, 80 drums per 20’ dry container
SHELF LIFE Aseptic Product: 24 month from the date of production
STORAGE Keep in cool and dry place, store in ambient temperature preferably below 25°C. Protect from Moisture and direct sunlight, Consume once the bag is opened or keep frozen
Beverages Juices, Milk shakes, Fruit Drinks, Nectars, Drinks and smoothies etc.
Dairy Ice-creams, Fruit Bars, Yogurts, Pudding, Toppings, Deserts, Fruit Cheese etc.
Baby Food Cereals, Juices, Strained Fruit, Fruit Desserts, Fruit Drinks etc.
Bakery Fruit Breads, Cakes, Tarts, Muffins, Pie-fillings, Icings, Donuts etc.
Additives No additives; ascorbic acid added as per buyer’s requirement
Allergen Product does not contain any known allergens
GMO Product is not manufactured using GMO’s or their derivatives
Heavy metals & Pesticides Comply with EU standards
Origin Product is manufactured in India
Labeling As per SGF code of labeling if not specified by customer
Irradiation Product has not been irradiated.

We confirm the product is authentic with respect to variety, composition and country of origin as declared. For PELLAGIC FOOD INGREDIENTS PVT LTD, MANAGER-QUALITY ASSURANCE