Pomogrante Arrills

This is made from selected varieties of Pomegranate. Pellagic food quality team is continuously monitoring the quality of product from the farm to field for fully matured and ripened pomegranate are harvested, quickly transported to our IQF processing plant, inspected and washed. Selected high quality fruits go to the processing section ; The selected Pomegranate fruits are then washed again , deseeded manually , sanitized , frozen and under strict hygienic condition. The product is intended to be used as ingredient that is further processed and heat-treated before final consumption.

Parameter Group Range Value
Color Red rose; Natural of the fruit
Texture Natural of the fruit
Flavor & Taste Typical ripe Pomegranate from off notes
Foreign Material/100kg Nil
FEVM/100 kg 1 No’s
Leaves frag. Size >3mm<10 mm/10kg 1 No’s
Stalks>3mm<10 mm/10 kg 5 No’s
Blemish/1 kg 2 No’s
Immature Arils/1 kg 10% w/w
Overripe Arils/1 kg 3% w/w
Refractrometer Brix @ 20°C Min 12°B
pH 3.5 – 5.0
Acidity (% as Anhydrous citric acid) 0.20- 0.60 %
Total Plate Count cfu/gm <40000
Yeast&Mould cfu/gm <1000
Coliform count cfu/gm <100
E-Coli cfu/gm <10
Salmonella cfu/gm Negative in 25g
Staphylococcus aureus Negative in 25g
PACKAGING Farm fresh IQF products are available in 1, 10 kg bag in Box packing. IQF fruit products are packed food grade LDPE bags.
SHELF LIFE Product should be Keep in -18°c
STORAGE Keep in dry and cool place, store in -18 °C. Protect from Moisture and direct sunlight.
Beverages Juices, Milk shakes, Fruit Drinks, Nectars, Drinks and smoothies etc.
Dairy Ice-creams, Fruit Bars, Yogurts, Pudding, Toppings, Deserts, Fruit Cheese etc.
Additives No additives; ascorbic acid added as per buyer’s requirement
Allergen Product does not contain any known allergens
GMO Product is not manufactured using GMO’s or their derivatives
Heavy metals & Pesticides Comply with EU standards
Origin Product is manufactured in India
Labeling As per SGF code of labeling if not specified by customer
Irradiation Product has not been irradiated.

We confirm the product is authentic with respect to variety, composition and country of origin as declared. MANAGER-QUALITY ASSURANCE